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Are you (and your family) on the path to financial freedom with the Total Money Makeover? Do you need a little encouragement?

TMMO BloggerWhat is Total Money Makeover?

Total Money Makeover is a proven plan for financial fitness written by Dave Ramsey. The Total Money Makeover consist of 7 (simple) Baby Steps that serve as your guiding path to financial freedom. The steps include becoming debt free, building an emergency fund, saving from retirement, preparing for college funding, paying off your mortgage, so that you can give and live like noone else. I can already see how bright and exciting your financial future is going to be!

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Total Money Makeover Bloggers

The bloggers on this list have or are currently following the Total Money Makeover and they offer up more advice, encouragement, ideas, inspiration, accountability and hope than you can handle. Tiny disclaimer…personal finance is PERSONAL, so each blogger is likely to share some modifications they have made to their Total Money Makeover.

Monique @ If I Was a Wealthy Girl

Monique’s has been following the TMM since 2007. She was a single, 26 year old recent MBA graduate with $104,616 in debt (car, student loans and credit cards) and no plan.In her blog she openly shares real life experiences of becoming debt free and navigating life after debt.

Since becoming debt free, Monique has moved to 3 different states, became an military reservist, weathered 3 restructuring layoffs in 4 years, traveled and bought a home. Visit If I Was A Wealthy Girl to join the journey.

Ellie @ Ellie Mondelli

Ellie is 29 and is on the Total Money Makeover with her husband and step-daughter in Tennessee. Visit Ellie Mondelli to experience her journey.

RHMM @ Right Hand Money Man

RHMM is a married 20 something, who paid off $30,000 in under two years. Visit to learn about their journey to financial peace.

Stacey @ Go Paid In Full

Stacy is on the journey with her husband and 6 children, between the ages of 10 and 29, in Arizona. Visit Go Paid In Full to see how this family is finding financial peace.

Do you blog about your Total Money Makeover?
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