My Story

Hello and welcome to If I Was A Wealthy Girl, where we do better so we can live better.  I started this blog to help others beating debt and building wealth on the journey to creating the life of their dreams.

My StoryMy name is Monique and I currently live on the east coast where I am working to become completely debt free (including the house) and living life to the fullest.

My journey to financial peace started two months after I graduated with my MBA in 2007. During my first week at the new job my co-worker said to me “Dave Ramsey says you shouldn’t invest in your retirement if you have debt.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, because it was contrary to EVERYTHING I had been told by everyone and the media. Over the weekend I purchased and read Dave Ramsey’s book “The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness.  The plan made sense so I decide to give it a college try for one year.

The Debt

I learned the truth about how much I didn’t know about money that weekend. At 26, I owed $104,616 to debtors and I had no plan to pay it back

  • Credit Cards: $20,289
  • Car: $30,161
  • Student Loans: $54,166

All debts were paid-in-full in 5 and a half years. The journey was challenging but I learned a lot about personal finance and living life. Today, I pretty much do what I want, when I want.

Life After Debt

Life after debt has been fun, but it is not the walk in the park that I (and others) thought it would be. Once I became debt free I started investing in retirement. About a year into debt freedom I was laid off from my job of 6.5 years in 2014. In all fairness I had an 18 month notice. I opted for a layoff because I was afraid that if I stayed with the company I would become complacent and be stuck forever.

The next adventure was joining the military as a reservist, which lasted for about a year and a half. My next full time job in global sourcing moved me to the east coast in the summer of 2015. Six months after moving from the midwest/south for the new jobby job, I was laid off in the 2016 acquisition restructuring. This period of unemployment  lasted 4 months, during this time I study for an received my PMP certification and found a new job in a new city on the east coast, but further north.

The new job in supply chain management was a great opportunity on paper. Once I arrived I witnessed things that I had never seen tolerated in a work environment before. Unfortunately, I did not follow my intuition and look for another job. My plan was to stay with the company until I was sent to training by the military. After 15 months of working in toxic environment I was told my position was being eliminated. This was the 3 restructuring layoffs (2014, 2016 & 2017) in 4 years.

Present Day

At the time of the last layoff (OCT 2017), I didn’t know what I would do next, but I had a long list of things I was interested in pursuing. Through many conversations with friends and family, I settled on the fact that I did not want to go back to corporate America, regardless of the size of the company. Now I am figuring out how to make this happen.

I started a blog while I was working because I wanted to make money through affiliate marketing. Turns out it more involved then I thought. While I am not completely giving up on blogging I do have to find a way to generate income. Blogging is fun so I plan to keep it up as I navigate the path less traveled.

I enjoying sharing my life with others through my blog because I want to reach out to, help and inspire anyone who want to take their own road less traveled. People need to know that living a life you want and deserve is indeed possible.

I hope you all will be inspired or motivated by my blog to navigate the road less traveled.

Thanks for coming on the journey!

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