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Life After Debt Series:

The "Life After Debt" series is a collection of monthly updates on how my journey to financial peace unfolds. 

Check out the My Story page to get the details on how the journey started. Long story short, the journey started in July 2007 when I read The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness. I was only 26 years old with $104,616 in debt and no plan to get my life together. Little did I know that my financial life was about to change forever.  Life without debt is different, but life's ups and downs continue. Stay tuned......

Today – December 2017

It’s been almost two months since the layoff. While there is no financial crisis, I am uneasy with the uncertainty the lies before me. On the bright side it is the holiday season!

Thanksgiving was spent with really good family friends eating delicious foods, playing games, watching the first season of Grey’s Anatomy and celebrating life. We caught up and talked about all we wanted Santa to bring us for Christmas this year.

Christmas around my place is going to be cut back. I have money sitting in the Christmas fund so I want to give gifts. Unfortunately there will be not tree, which kind of makes me sad. My roomie said her parents may have a tree stored away that we can use. This would make my day, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. I am not sure if I will make it home, but I plan to try.

Now, time for the November updates!


My income is made up funds from unemployment and the reserves. It covers all necessities and a little fun. Completing a bi-weekly budget is more emotionally taxing now than when I a $2000+ check coming in every two weeks.

A couple weeks ago I needed an oil change and had to reimburse a friend. Neither of these two things were in the budget, but it worked out. There was extra money when I didn’t need as much for gas or groceries.

I have been trying to earn Swagbucks to redeem for Wal-Mart gift cards to cover all my grocery expenses. This last payday I made $47.50 by donating to 3 charities. Giving is a part of my budget, so I am not stretching myself thin by doing this

Job Search

The Amazon job came through and I am waiting to get an orientation date. It has been a while and according to their last email they just haven’t gotten to my name.

While applying for the required two jobs per week I learned something interesting about myself. I have no problem giving someone a salary range if I am not that interested in their job, but if I am interested I start to second guess and consider lowering my desired range. If you do this, stop! I know I am.

New Endeavors

Being unemployed has become an opportunity to look for alternate ways to make money (a.k.a hustle) and realize that there is more than one path to success. I am enjoying to quest, but I know it can’t last forever. Unemployment checks will run out.

Blogging – The blog is coming along fine even though it isn’t moving as fast as I hoped. There are so many moving pieces it takes time to get them in place. I’ve only made $0.10 so far and that was from a Swagbucks referral. Through the process I have learned alot about webpages, social media marketing and more that I think will help me in 2018 once I have my real estate licence.

VIPKid –  This is a program that hires native English speakers in the US to teach English to Chinese students online. I submitted my first demo, but need to resubmit once I have a working computer at home. My computer decided that it no longer wants to connect to the internet. VIPKid offer $19-22 per hour and a flexible schedule to fit your life. 

Real Estate – Real estate is where my focus is since I plan to make it my full time gig for 2018. Classes started in early November and I expect to be eligible to sit for the licensing exam between Christmas and New Year’s. Assuming I pass the first time I will have a license by mid-February, just in time for everyone to get ready to move.

Luckily, I called up an acquaintance to get more information about becoming an agent and she introduced me to a fairly new broker that is changing the industry. It is an agent-owned cloud brokerage, so there are no store fronts and lower overhead fees for all agents involved.  The concept drew me in because they are trying to change how real estate agents do business with their broker and they have a network marketing model for recruiting new agents. Expect to learn more as I do, I am super excited for this opportunity!

I hope your your month went well and that you preparing for the most wonderful holiday season and 2018!

Thanks for being a part of my journey to financial freedom!

What is new on your journey to financial freedom?


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